Friday, January 15, 2010

Don't Make Me Do This Again!

It worked well the first time so...

I know many of you have already provided some financial help to organizations trying to provide aid to Haitian earthquake victims. After a few days it seems logistics is still a major problem, so money to contract supplies of water, food, & medical stores is the swiftest most effective assistance at the current stage.

Again, I don't have anything moving to say; there's nothing TO say. But I will be very happy to again provide FREE Jerry Hager music to those who have given support in any amount to the Red Cross Haitian Relief Fund. All you need to do is to forward your receipt from the Red Cross as in-line text [deleting the amounts & any banking info] to me at [be sure to include your mailing address], & I'll send you a small stack of great Jerry Hager music, including unreleased new stuff!

I know that while so many are in such dire need it's difficult to 'get down' but CDs keep well for when you're ready start boogie-ing again.

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