Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Ye Olde Mail Bag


we would like to inquire as to why jerryhager hasn't published a fresh new blog in almost three months. we have anxiously awaited and now are tired of anxiously awaiting.

tired of anxiously awaiting for things

Dear valued customer,

We appreciate that you have given of your own time & energy to provide feedback on our undying efforts to serve our clients. As with all comments that we receive, yours will be forwarded on to a capable Customer Service Representative who will certainly give it the consideration it deserves. After which, you may expect an appropriate & insightful form letter.

While that's going on, our PR department will be vigorously constructing an effective reaction plan that will, when executed, explain the hiatus of the 'blog' to an extent that will not only appease, but shall entice all to anticipate the return of the legendary & inspired journal entries with such fervor that they will disconnect their cable.

(unless, of course, they have cable internet)

Thank you,

The gang