Monday, August 23, 2004

Hot & Sunny On The Causeway

On the shorter side of notions: I heard an ice cream truck playing the main theme from The Godfather today.

It got me thinking, really, because I saw the movie 'Open Water' this weekend. And during the moments of fear & dread, the underscore was comprised of beautiful music of Fiji. I've always loved that music. And it was really effective being used in such a manner.

I know it's not new to clash painfully beautiful music against terrible scenes in film. Most often you see it in war films. I've seen documentaries on WWII with great songs such as "We'll Meet Again" & "Till Then" playing during graphic & awful clips of battle. Effectively, it makes you feel even sicker inside. And in the case of 'Open Water' you watch & connect to the angst on the screen while your heart flips upside down to the glorious & peaceful Polynesian harmonies. It'll tear you up.

But somehow playing The Godfather theme on a recorded calliope through a distorted bullhorn atop an '83 Chevy van just doesn't hit me as artistic irony.

Needless to say, business wasn't exactly busting for the driver. But I'm wondering - Is there some sort of dairy business credo in marketing to adolescents that states "A.B.I. Always Be Intimidating?" Is there a bulletin board in some Good Humor garage that says, "Air conditioned vans are for closers?"

So beware boys & girls. I know, it's all harmless Summer fun when you go running through the neighbors' xenias digging in your pockets for change. But make sure you don't go gettin' messed up in the rackets. It'll be too late when from the shadowy van window you hear slowly, "I think you want TWO Bomb Pops, kid."