Saturday, September 03, 2005

Get free Jerry Hager music! Seriously.

I don't have anything wise or insightful to say about the awful tragedy that is the Katrina disaster other than I'm moved & sickened & worried. But I can urge everyone to contribute by donating directly to The Red Cross Hurricane Relief Fund. And my way of doing that is to offer to anyone who makes a donation on-line, of any amount, the Jerry Hager catalog free of charge. That includes the 2 CDs Gentle Man & Miles From Brushy, plus an extra CD The Songwriter Sessions which includes bonus rare material.

Just make a donation on-line, print the receipt. [Feel free to black out the amount if you like.] Mail a copy to:

Blue Bourbon Music
PO Box 293057
Nashville, TN 37229

Include your shipping address & the CDs will be on the way.

So please help out. Donate, pray, count your blessings & enjoy the music.

Here's to those who are suffering & to those who come to their aid. God bless all of you.

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